Nina's Cocktail Mixers Online Store

Hey, it's me, your pal Nina. You may already know me. Did we meet in Vegas? I have been known to get a few people past the velvet rope. Or maybe we met in NOLA, perhaps I was a little lagniappe in your Louisiana getaway. Or maybe we met in St. Louis, where the drinks are cold and the nightlife is getting hotter and hotter.

Where ever we met, you had a taste and now you can't live without me. I have that effect on people. You have come to the right place. Here is where you can take a little of Nina home, no matter where you might hang your hat. Order a bottle of my famous Bloody Mary to put some zing in your Sunday brunch. Or have an ultimate night in with my Ultimate Margarita Mix. 

Try a bottle, try a bunch... whatever you do, Make Your Night A Nina's Night!